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  • Yearly Heating and Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Services

  • Here in Florida we use our air conditioning systems more than anywhere else in the country. It is vital to keep your comfort system running at peak performance. Maintain your equipment to prevent future problems and unwanted repair costs.

    Keep your cooling and heating system at peak performance by having Vortechs Heating and Air do your annual pre-season check-ups.


  • DIY A/C Maintenance

    Best practices you can do on your own to help keep power bills lower and help with overall performance should be.

    • Check Filters Monthly- By checking your filters monthly you can ensure your filter is clean. This will you help keep the air flowing correctly through your AC system. Checking your filter monthly will as well keep dirt and debris from moving components in and out of coils.
    • Drain line Maintenance- Here at Vortechs we recommend treating your drain line with natural products such as White Vinegar. White vinegar is a wonderful cleaning product and is non-toxic. Have one of our highly trained service technicians teach you how it should be done if you are unsure where this is. A drain line can be one of the worst problems to have with your heating and cooling system. Drain lines can cause your system to not operate and can cause the worst property damage.
    • Visually Inspect Your AC- This is the easiest one of them all! While checking filters and treating drain lines, take a look at your unit. If you notice things such as water forming around your ac unit or your unit is sweating, these are signs that we may need to be called out to help with a problem. Look at your outdoor air conditioning unit as well and ask yourself; is there a lot of debris and dirt on your coils? These are things that keep your air conditioning system from operating incorrectly and can lead to lower efficiency and/or larger repairs.
  • Yearly Heating and Cooling Check Up

    Now we are to the part where we come in! Call today if you have not had your yearly heating or cooling check up. Below are some of the features of our signature Breakdown Prevention Maintenance check ups and some of reasons to have one performed on your cooling system.

    • Inspection of moving components-There are many moving parts to an air conditioning system ensuring their operation is vital to the overall operation to the system. We lubricate any moving parts that require lubrication.
    • Inspection of Refrigerant levels- As many of us know this is the "Go Go Juice" for our beloved AC system! While the refrigerant ("Freon") is vital to keeping you cool, it also keeps many other components in your air conditioner cool so, if the levels aren't right it could be causing other component failure. Our technicians carry the most common refrigerants on their service vehicles so if you are low we can help you out!
    • Inspection of Coils- Ahh well here is one that we had you doing too! This is a must must must for our techs. The coils are the "Lungs" of your heating and cooling system; dirty ones don't "Breath". Air is flowing through the coils so restrictions, well, they down right starve your system of Efficiency!!
    • Inspection and Testing of Electrical items- Extremely important task for our service techs! Loose or worn electrical connections are dangerous first off, but did you know that loose connections cause failure in other major components such as compressors or fan motors? Yes they do! We see many situations that could have been avoided by having the electrical components tested Preseason!
    • Temperature checks- Does thermostat register the correct temperature reading as what the room actually is? Is your AC system producing the correct amount of cold air? We test and insure that the readings are correct.
    • Size of system-One of the top priorities of our service technicians when conducting a breakdown prevention checkup is ensuring your hearing and/or AC unit for your home or office is the correct size. Our highly trained technicians carry the proper tools to make sure your unit in the proper size to meet all your comfort needs.

    These items are just a brief overview of what you will receive with a cooling Breakdown Prevention Maintenance check up!