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  • Indoor Air Quality Products

    Indoor air quality (IAQ) is very important to you and your family's health and safety. As an HVAC service provider, Vortechs Heating and Air takes these systems very seriously. The indoor air quality (IAQ) in a home or building needs to be correctly filtered and sterilized. Vortechs has the knowledge and experience to properly handle your indoor air quality (IAQ) needs. Let us help you achieve superior building health with our years of knowledge. 

    Reasons for choosing an Indoor Quality System:

    • Does any one in the home suffer from allergies?
    • Do you have biological growth forming around AC vents?
    • Do you have biological growth forming inside your heating and cooling unit?
    • Does your home always smell musty?
    • Does your home get "Dirty Sock" syndrome?
    • Does your home seem very dusty?

    All of these and many more situations are reasons to have a highly trained Vortechs service technician evaluate your homes indoor air quality (IAQ) needs. 

  • Indoor Air Quality Products and Services

  • Whole Home Filtration Systems

    These filtration systems provide the following benefits:

    • Captures allergens and microbiological materials
    • Cuts down on dust in home
    • Keeps heating and air conditioning systems clean
    • Cuts down on dust and abrasives in moving parts in heating and ac unit
    • Helps keep duct work clean
  • Heating and Cooling Equipment Sterilization Systems

    The importance of keeping your heating and cooling equipment sterile and clean is the root of keeping superior indoor air quality.

    The benefits to ac equipment sterilization systems:

    • Kills mold and bacteria with the homes AC system
    • Sterilizes viruses (common cold, the flu, ect...)
    • Keeps biological growth from forming on coils
    • Increases system efficiency
    • Helps prevent premature system breakdowns
  • Air Purification Systems

    Treating the air in your home is done in multiple stages and these air purifiers are the last and final step.

    The benefits of air purification systems:

    • Kill mold and bacteria
    • Sterilize Virus
    • Remove odors 
    • Keep duct work sterile
    • Attack micro biological items in the home's air sytem