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    Your heating and air conditioning system is the most expensive and costly appliance in your home. According to most research conducted in the United States, you’re air conditioning and heating equipment is attributed to up to 60% of your home’s power bill. A dirty and unmaintained HVAC system can operate at less than 50% of it’s operating capacity and can eventually lead to premature failure.

    Dust and debris accumulation on air conditioner or heat pump heat transfer coils blocks air-flow across the heat transfer coils. This can cause an increase in utility usage and system failures. Build up of dust, debris and microbiological growth on electrical components can cause unnatural wear. These situations create an unwanted, and easily preventable AC repair for you and your family.

  • Symptoms of a dirty AC system

    • A reduction in airflow in the home
    • A reduction in outdoor unit airflow
    • Loss of air flow to rooms in the home
    • Improper heating and cooling temperatures
    • High electric consumption
  • Failures caused by dirty HVAC equipment

    • Damaging the refrigeration pumping compressor
    • Loss of cooling capacity
    • Loss of heating capacity
    • Capacitor failure
    • Refrigerant circuit leaks
    • Electrical component failure
    • Motor failures

    All of these AC failures are easily preventable by keeping the heating and cooling equipment clean and properly maintained. 

  • Studies have shown that dirty coils can consume up to 37% more electricity and result in 30% loss in heating and cooling capacity. Not cleaning heat transfer coils can lead to:

    • Breed bacteria
    • Decrease airflow
    • Improper humidity level removal
    • Increase energy expenses
    • Increase in breakdowns

    At Vortechs Heating and Air, our highly trained and certified technicians will clean and maintain your heating and AC system properly so that dirt and debris are eliminated to prevent harming of your heating and cooling units. A Clean HVAC system will leave you with max operating efficiency, better air-flow, improved indoor air quality and lower heating and cooling repair expenses.

    If you live in Isleworth and need your air conditioning and heating system cleaned and maintained properly, Vortechs Heating and Air is the right choice for you. No job is to hard for us. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we guarantee nothing but the best.

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