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  • Benefits to Mini split heating and cooling units

    A mini-split system typically supplies chilled air to a single or few rooms of a home or building. Mini-split units typically produce between 9,000 to 18,000 Btu per hour per with a total of approximately 48,000 total system Btu.

    Advantages of the duct-less system include smaller unit sizes for restricted building area. Also the flexibility for zoning or heating or cooling individual rooms. The inside wall space required is significantly smaller than a "window shaker", as only the supply lines need to be routed through the wall. Flexible exterior hoses that lead from the outside unit to the interior unit can be routed to blend in with the over all look of a home or building.

    Mini-split systems offer higher efficiency than standard forced air heating and cooling system. Some mini splits offering to reaching above 30 SEER mark and these numbers keep climbing.

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